The Game

"Who the heck is uncle Paul ?"

Secrets - The Game

Secrets is an interactive Visual Novel based on player choices, with multiple scenarios, CG graphics, and above everything, a rich story!
It is a beautiful and naughty game with some fetishes like corruption, teen, MILF, anal, voyeurism, lesbian, feet (a lot ^^) and much much more.
Secrets is a Visual Novel, it’s like a mix between a book and a movie, you read a story, and follow the pictures.
You are the hero of the game, the main character is you and will have your real name (or whatever name you choose to give).
From time to time, you will be asked to take a decision that will have a impact of the story. Based on your decision, you will see or not see some scenes. For example, if you buy a gift at the airport for Zoé, you will see a scene later in the game where you can give the gift to her. If you didn’t buy the gift, you won’t be able to see the scene.
Also, when you make a decision, you will score points. These points will affect the game and will make you see (or not) some extra scenes. Secrets come with multiple ending. Witch ending will you see is based of the points you will have score. The trick is, you will never see the points anywhere in the game, they’re hiding. So you can focus on your own story and live your life in the game.
Download the game demo

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The Story

Luck… that’s a thing you have heard before, but never met. Life has never been easy on you, and you are now alone. She left you yes… Oh it was a matter of days, things went pretty much worse each day, so you think she made the right choice leaving you.
You are now alone, broke, really broke. So, you made others bad choices, tried your luck in some dishonest affair, but you forgot luck was never on your side.
You missed jail, thank to the judge’s pity, and are now alone again in you small apartment you can’t afford anymore, waiting to be ejected by the landlord.
You phone is ringing… a lawyer… she tells you your uncle, Paul Walden, just died and put you on his will.
An inheritance? Is there money? Yes, and a lot! Do you become suddenly lucky? No, because you have absolutely no idea who uncle Paul is?!
But you have nothing to loose. The lawyer has made a reservation on a plane for you. It’s time to change your life. You’re not the guy who is expected, but never mind, you will be this guy… you will try to be this nephew… What could go wrong ?

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