28 April 2020

Announcing “Secrets Classic”, a Secrets game redone

28 March 2020

Some news

19 March 2020

Secrets development is on hold

Dear everyone, As many of you, I’m also contained to home to help prevent this pandemic growing higher. I’m working at home now for my regular […]
27 December 2019

Today is your last day to get the FULL Secrets game for $10!

2 December 2019

[Special Offer] Be a $10+ Patron in December and get the FULL Secrets game!

11 August 2019

How to follow, support and play Secrets?

5 July 2019

New update release : Ep3 v3.1 + Discord.

28 June 2019

Next update (v3.1) and next quest: “The Daddies”

29 May 2019

New website!

Well, not exactly, it’s most a redesign of it than a real new one.But I hope you will like it, it should be now more lively […]