11 August 2019

How to follow, support and play Secrets?

5 July 2019

New update release : Ep3 v3.1 + Discord.

28 June 2019

Next update (v3.1) and next quest: “The Daddies”

29 May 2019

New website!

Well, not exactly, it’s most a redesign of it than a real new one.But I hope you will like it, it should be now more lively […]
20 May 2019

Secrets on itch.io

Hello! If you are an itch.io user, you can now follow Secrets there! Here is our itch.io page : https://elun-games.itch.io/secrets You can also download the game […]
13 May 2019

Secrets Game Opening Credits

Hello there! What a lot of people like in Secrets too is that the game is like a TV show, with a reminder of your previous […]
13 May 2019

Elun Games on Twitter

Hello there! Just a little word to let you know that I’m also on Twitter. I will try to post often there, so you could have […]
8 May 2019

Episode 3 public released!

Hello there! As you may know, the greatest Patrons on earth are the Secrets‘ ones. Do you need a proof? They agree with me to release […]
1 September 2018

Demo is out!

Secrets game demo is now available, please check this page : https://secrets-game.com/downloads/ Enjoy the demo and don’t forget to tell me what you have thought of […]