About Us

A little dream

Hello there!

Elun’s Games has begun its adventure as a one-man studio a year ago.
As I began this project as a hobby, I want now to make it a serious one and dedicate my full time at making games.
My name is Eric and the first letter of my last name is X, so you can call me Eric X.
I’m a web developer and game enthusiast, especially the Visual Novel type which I played a lot, adult and non-adult, but I always preferred the adult ones.
Today, I’m working on my first game project: Secrets.
It is an interactive Visual Novel based on player choices, with multiple scenarios, CG graphics, an open world phase, a game cards system, and above everything, a rich story! But you already know that because you are on this website ^^

I have two other projects I’m working on, but Secrets takes all my time and as I’m still working full time at my job, I can’t work much on the game.
But this is gonna change and as soon I can hold this financially, I’ll quit my job and dedicate all my time at making games.
You can help me achieve this goal if you want, by supporting the development of the game on Patreon. (Click here)

If you’re interested by following the evolution of Elun Games and see the other projects, you can visit the studio’s website: ElunGames.com

I would like to take the time to thank you for your interest in my work and I hope I will be able to show you lots of wonders now and in the future!