Last update: v3.4

Day/month/year : Episode number – Update’s version – Update’s name (optional)

02/03/2019 : Episode 3 – Version 3.4

– Added Russian language.
– Added Italian language.
– Added web updater (Online Edition only).
– Some corrections on previous episodes.

24/12/2019 : Episode 3 – Version 3.3 – Holiday episode

– Added a new quest: “A Dream Christmas”.
– Added a new game card unlockable by the Christmas quest.
– Redesigned interface with menu to add a space for the news and the girls new photo.
– Some corrections on previous episodes.

21/10/2019 : Episode 3 – Version 3.2

– New map for open world phase is in place.

02/07/2019 : Episode 3 – Version 3.1

The Book Of Secrets has been updated with a new story, “Doctor Joe”. The story takes place in a distant future with some cyberpunk atmosphere.

This update:
– Adds a new short story in the Book Of Secrets “Doctor Joe”.
– Adds two new cards to collect with the Vault.
– Adds two new surprises to collect with the Vault.
– Fixes some minors errors in the code.

21/06/2019 : Episode 3 – Version 3.0

New quest with Zoé! As required by Julia, you accompany Zoé while she tries to “find” a car for your next robbery. But it seems this little minx has some ideas in mind for you.

This update:
– Adds a new character’s quest “Car games”.
– Adds two new cards to collect by playing the quest “Car games”.
– Modifies Main menu which is now a text menu (instead of images) to prepare the translation system.

29/05/2019 : Episode 3 – Version 2.2

No new story content in this update.This update:

– Adds a LOT of corrections to the grammar and spelling in ALL episodes. Thanks to Trav and Madderoftime’s great work!
– Adds two new cards to collect using the Vault.
– Fixes an error which stopped the music on the map.
– Fixes some errors on an image that has been re-rendered in Julia’s quest. (Yeah, I know this tube in your chest hurt a lot ^^)
– Adds a new image to Julia’s quest so Julia’s face change when you wake up in the tube.
– Adds some additional dialogue in Laure sexy scene. This scene has been rewritten a bit so you can have more information about her condition. This part is important for the story.

18/05/2019 : Episode 3 – Version 2.1

No new content in this update, it only fixes a bug in the stats page and add a new feature: The Vault.

  • Fixed a bug in the Stats page which was displaying that you have refused to open a relationship with Julia if you didn’t have played her quest…
  • Added a new feature, the Vault. There is now a lock in your action bar where you can enter some codes for future events (Cards, events, cheat, etc…).
  • Added a new card to unlock (with the Vault).

15/05/2019 : Episode 3 – Version 2.0

New quest with Julia, and introducing Laure: The Doctor
You’re going to meet the Walden’s family Doctor’s with Julia. This Doctor is also a great scientist and Julia wants to ask her to make a “special” suit for you, like the ones they’re wearing “on field”.

  • Added New quest: “The Doctor”.
  • Added two new cards to unlock for the gallery.
  • Added a button which appear when you have played all the quests available.
  • Fixed little bugs about the points which were not given correctly. No need to replay the scenes.
  • Added some vocabulary and grammar corrections to episode 3 intro scenes.
  • Fixed a lot of grammar and spelling errors in all episodes.

24/04/2019 : Episode 3 – Version 1.0

Now that you’ve landed in South Mouteyrne and meet your new “family”, it is now time to know more about each character and get into the field.

Introducing a new way to follow the stories: The quest system.
Now, instead of going from one scene to the following, you will now have them on a map. Choose which scene you want to play, if you want to play it, and play the scene as much as you want!

  • Secrets has now a new interface with the followings:- Gallery: Collect Game cards after completed your quests. These cards will unlock some HD images in the gallery page.
    – Opening movie menu: Watch the opening movie from here.
    – The Book Of Secrets: Short stories from different universes but with Secrets’ characters can be watch from here.
    – Credits: All the credits, copyright, and thank you pages are located here (with a cool disco music ^^).
    – Secrets Game Website: Link to our website.
    – Change Log: Version of the game with a link to the change-log.
    – Elun Games Website: Link to our studio website (Soon.)
  • Added the quest system with scenes on a map.
  • Added new intro scene with Johana.
  • Added new intro scene with Julia, Lucy and Zoé for a family council.
  • Added new quest with Lucy : The Warrior’s Apprentice.
  • Bug fixes and various corrections in code.
  • Modified scene in episode 2 with Julia and Johana in the kitchen. You have now the choice to play the sexy scene or skip it.
  • Modified plane scene in episode 1, so the MC does not claim to be a feet lover anymore.
  • Fixed a lot of grammar and spelling in all episodes.

07/03/2019 : Episode 3 – Beta Version 1.3 released

18/02/2019 : Episode 3 in Beta version released.

27/12/2018 : Episode 2 release.

27/10/2018 : Episode 1 release.

01/09/2018 : Demo release.