We'll be back soon!

"Secrets" the game is on hold.
Julia, Lucy, and Zoé will be back in a reworked version of the game called "The Velvet Paws"!
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Dear friends,

As some of you know, since a few months now, I have to deal with Covid around me and another illness for me.
I also lost my job during that time, so life isn't really nice with me and my family right now.
But I can't complain because I know I'm not the only one as we all suffer from this sanitary situation.
However, all this had led to me not able to work on the game for that long. That's why I closed my Patreon account and left only the last version of the game on Gumroad. The site is closed too because I don't have time and courage to update it.
I also don't have the time and strength to be on the Discord server of the game and I'm really sad about that because beautiful people are on this server.
I will let the Discord server opened with two channels only (Announcement and general) and unfortunately, I have to resign the Nitro subscription I can't afford anymore.

But I'm not giving up! I'll never give up. I have a story to tell, 3 characters I love to death that have not shown you everything they have to offer.
I have to care about myself for now, about my family, but I'm making you a promise. As soon as everything get a little better, I WILL work of the game again and publish updates.
So, don't forget about Julia, Lucy and Zoé, because they surely won't forget about you.

This sanitary situation is for real, I can tell, so please, do as the girls you see on the left and wear a mask!
And speaking of the girls, what you see are the final version of Zoé and Julia. I hope you like them. I didn't make any change to Lucy, because you know, as you already said in the game, Lucy is perfection!

I would also like to thank each of you who have sent me get-well messages and supported and even defended me on forums and Discord channels. I see you! I saw what you said, and your words went directly to my heart. Thank you, thank you so much to be there, to be you, and to support me.

Today, we have to fight for a better tomorrow. Please take care of yourself, be vigilant but be kind to others, take care of yours.

I'll see you soon.


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